Wildflower Bread


Eat. Sip. Enjoy.
Branding a local favorite


Wildflower and Fervor have worked together for nearly 20 years to create, manage and advance the local fast-casual restaurant to be an integral part of our community. From environmental design to menus and marketing collateral, and retail packaging to community outreach, we maximize every touchpoint Wildflower has with its customers.


With a hot market for boutique and community restaurants, Wildflower needed a refresh to stay on top of the competition and in front of new customers.


From naming and logo refresh to rethinking the customer experience, Fervor worked closely with Wildflower to implement a new look that aligns with new features, like a coffee bar and beer taps, and more urban locations.

Wildflower Bread Logo
  • Wildflower Bread
  • Wildflower Bread
  • Wildflower Bread
  • Wildflower Bread

A Fresher Approach

To appeal to a younger, more urban customer, we created a new branding guideline based around freshness, unexpected execution and an ardor (or passion) for what they do. By building a library of varying patterns, textures and images and pairing that with messaging that invites, we’re laying the groundwork for the future of Wildflower’s perception and place in our community.


Wildflower Bread Cards

“The marketing & design work that Fervor has completed over the last 10 years has absolutely put Wildflower on the map. Our business is booming and we have Fervor to thank for that.”

Louis Basile, CEO at Wildflower Bread Co.