Our Culture

A different type of design studio

We are a rare amalgamation of artists, technologists, thinkers and storytellers. Though our interests are diverse, we all share one common goal a passion for great design.

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Recipe for Fervor

  • 05 Number of musicians
  • AZ Fervor studio location
  • 100 Number of videos created last year
  • 75 Number of websites launched last year
  • 75 Average number of cups of coffee consumed every week
  • 03 Number of bikes in the office
  • 12 Number of pet owners
  • 7:8 Employee female to male ratio

The Crew

  • don Principal
  • jami Principal
  • matt Director, Design
    Director, Design
  • theresa Manager, Client Services
    Manager, Client Services
  • keith Art Director
    Art Director
  • linda Production Manager
    Production Manager
  • rob Web Developer
    Web Developer
  • Dan Web Developer
    Web Developer
  • kathi Accounts Receivable
    Accounts Receivable
  • Paul Director, Video
    Director, Video
  • luke senior editor, video
    senior editor, video
  • coral Designer
  • Maddy Designer