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An education foundation devoted to enriching the lives of students

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Helios Education Foundation changes lives and strengthens communities by creating opportunities for individuals to achieve postsecondary success. We wanted to create an interactive website that profiles stories of success and exemplify Helios’ investment in our communities.


Annual reports are a vehicle for statistics. But this annual report had to go further than that and tell a complete story about the communities and people Helios serves, allowing for the website to be representative of their larger vision and mission.


Fervor profiled projects, students and community members throughout Arizona and Florida to tie impact to the people and locations most effected. Everyone agrees that postsecondary education is important, but this annual report details the strategy and impact that enables more students to take advantage of those opportunities.

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Opportunity in Our Communities

Fervor travelled to multiple locations across Arizona and Florida capturing the people that Helios’ initiatives effect, speaking to impact through stories of success.

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Thorough Strategies for Success

Fervor’s content strategy highlighted Helios’ education strategies, ranging from early grade success to postsecondary completion, along with innovative initiatives allowing for holistic reform.

Helios 2017 Annual Report Highlight

I continue to be very pleased with Fervor. You guys do an excellent job. We pushed out the annual report this morning and are already getting compliments.

Ian Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer