Welcome to Cohere


Cohere wanted to bring their unique community-building process to life through their website. We engaged in a photography and videography shoot to aid in telling the story through visuals on the newly launched website, highlighting the benefits of the process in a welcoming and engaging way.


Cohere came to us wanting a new user experience that enhanced the storytelling and unique approach they bring to property creation and management. We needed a way to represent the diverse locations through a local photoshoot that captured the essence of the residents they serve.


We were able to capture a wide range of photography and videography within a single local property that reflects the many locations of the Cohere portfolio. We broke the content into visually engaging and communicative sections throughout the site, to avoid overwhelming the audience with too much information at once.

Custom illustrations

We used custom illustrations, iconography and subtle animations throughout the site to enhance the user experience.

Thriving Together

Through leadership interviews and community footage we were able to bring the Cohere story to life.