Agent Learner

Putting the student at the forefront


Fervor Creative was asked to create a website, video series and collateral that communicated the various elements coming together at ASU to support the Agent Learner Initiative showcasing the entrepreneurial, solutions-oriented shift in higher education and enabling the development of ground-breaking education technology innovations.


Our objective was to tie very complicated concepts and departments together as they serve one purpose – a learner-centric approach to education. We had multiple interviews with leadership in each of the four main areas of The Agent Learner. Our challenge was to take these interviews and develop the overarching story in a clear and concise way.


Fervor created a dramatic environment in which to interview the leadership to quickly tie the initiatives together and visually speak to the technology advancements that are part of the initiative. The visual approach communicated the expansive outreach and how The Agent Learner was a comprehensive initiative touching multiple departments across the University.

At the Center

Fervor Creative interviewed the key leadership in The Agent Learner initiative to communicate the overarching concept of The Agent Learner as well as each of the four individual efforts. We also photographed the team members to emphasize the overall look and feel of The Agent Learner initiative across multiple mediums.

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At a Glance

We created clear concise messaging for each of the four areas of focus.