Psyche: A mission to a metal world

Psyche Mission Desktop View
Psyche Mission Mobile View


For the first time ever, we are exploring a world made not of rock or ice, but of metal. The asteroid Psyche offers a unique window into the building blocks of Earth’s formation and the opportunity to investigate a previously unexplored type of world.


NASA’s mission websites and marketing have traditionally been dark and uninviting. But as a mission leader, Arizona State University was committed to making Psyche approachable and accessible.


Fervor created a website with a white, bright aesthetic that broke down complex mission and spacecraft details into easily digestible chunks, with interactive animations that helped to unfold the Psyche story throughout.

Psyche Mission Homepage

Custom Illustrations

Using Psyche brand guidelines, we created an engaging user experience, rich with illustrations, iconography and animations.

Psyche Mission Illustration

Timeline for Lift-off

We created multiple opportunities for users and NASA devotees to follow along through the 4+ year countdown to launch.

Psyche Mission Timeline Page
Psyche Mission Pages