Nadavon Capital Partners

A Newport Beach based specialty investment firm


Nadavon is an investment firm specializing in launching and managing high-growth technology companies. With a record of closing 92% of proposed transactions, we created the brand and designed an interactive and engaging website that matches their smart, responsive approach.


Financial services and technology firms can get lost in the mix, especially in a location like California. When Romir Bosu started Nadavon, he wanted to speak quickly to benefits and solutions while standing out among a sea of competitors.


Fervor created a brand built on a Newport Beach aesthetic, complete with ocean-themed imagery and messaging, with a focus on a clean, open UI and subtle animation throughout the website to build Nadavon’s brand as a simple, direct, professional financial services firm.

Subtle Animations for a Disruptive Client

Subtle animations on scroll happen throughout the website. Although Nadavon’s services and approach are disruptive, we were careful not to disrupt the user with eye candy but to add to its experience.

Custom Iconography

Different Ways to Navigate the Waters

Fervor integrated subtle navigation elements throughout that range from expanded menus to alternative navigation built into the footer that enables users to surf through the entire website without opening the main navigation.